technology finance  
Telephony & Communications
Hardware & Software
Medical & Healthcare

Industrial & Robotics

Commercial , Corporate & Hotel refurbishment
Security & Laboratory

Finance 100% of
project costs

Fund all fit-out expenses into one
project cost including:


 - Furniture & equipment costs

 - Architectural fees

 - Electrical & Project management fees

 - Travel and Commissions

 - Software & Maintenance 

 - Internal construction, demolition, delivery

 - Training and Installation



Benefits Overview

Conserve working capital - no cash outlay
Improve your brand image and customer awareness without need for increased capital expenditure.
t any stage during the term. Companies can fully or partially upgrade, refresh or return assets under finance.
Sale and rent-back on recent purchases
Recoup funds for total project costs where working capital has been used within the last 3 months.
Structured repayments
No repayments until project starts. Delay repayments until project completion or until budget allows. Suppliers will still be paid as work is completed.
Bringing forward projects
A budget, which does not have room for a large cash outlay, can accommodate a quarterly payment.
Preserve lines of credit
Financing equipment and fit-outs preserves those bank lines and other credit facilities for other company needs.
Fixed rates
Financing your equipment or fit-out locks in the repayments that remain constant over the life of the agreement no matter how many price increases there are in the market place.  

Master lease facility
Establish a “line of credit“ for future projects. This will allow you to just quickly fund additional purchases through a variation of the existing loan contract.





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