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Commercial Finance Corporation provide access to full service technology funding solutions for a diverse range of customers and industries . We specialize in funding the newest technology for profitable SME and major corporate with a simple one off solution or master lease arrangement. We don’t deem technology as “ non core assets “ as many lenders do.

CFCorp management and staff are experienced in providing asset funding solutions for virtually any industry looking to acquire or upgrade their technologies. CFCorp offer seamless finance facilities for a broad range of customers and pride ourselves on being able to offer a competitive, flexible alternative source of funds specializing in today’s technologies.

CFCorp provides your business with a flexible UNSECURED funding solutions. It allows you a off “ Balance sheet “alternative rather than increasing Capex Budgets, depleting existing lines of credit or utilize your capital reserves. We have access to wholesale credit lines who understand today’s technologies.

Unlike many traditional banks who base their decisions on the way they can secure the loan our lending is unsecured and only uses the asset being financed as security.

  • No Real Estate Security Required

  • No fixed or Floating Charge

  • No Directors guarantees in the majority of cases ( majors )

We offer off balance sheet Rental ( operating lease) and Finance Leasing products for all technology requirements which can be structured to suit your cash flow or budget requirements. CFCorp also can provide you with a “ Rent to Buy “ option with a specific value to be paid at the end of the term.

CFCorp will also finance non core business assets through a Lease Chattel or Operating lease . These transactions are competitive priced and also only require no other security than the asset itself.

Commercial Finance Corporation recognize that the cost of keeping up with today’s technological advances can escalate from the initial estimates . We can now incorporate all costs for hardware, IT infrastructure, licencing, software, maintenance or most costs associated with the upgrade or acquisition of technology.


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