technology finance  

Security & Laboratory Equipment

CFCorp can provide a source of funding for  major corporate , health care and private sectors looking to upgrade or enhance their security needs.


Our rental products allow flexibility to evolve your technology as demands or protocols require and help prevent loss through obsolesce. 


Security Equipment

  • 2 way digital radios systems

  • IP Video Intercoms

  • Monitors and displays

  • Management and control software

  • Control room solutions

  • DVR and DVS technologies

  • Industrial  CCTV & IP  cameras

  • Industrial Video Servers

  • Industrial Wlan & Antennas

  • Retinal & Fingerprint Scanners

  • Facial & DNA Recognition Systems

  • Hand and Palm  Readers

Laboratory Equipment

  • Environmental Control systems (ECS)

  • Pathology

  • Oil and Chemical

  • Chemical Storage

  • Incubators

  • Autoclaves & sterilizers

  • Lab fridges & Freezers

  • Air filtration units


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