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Telephony & Communications

As today’s modern business hub continues to drive for ways to minimize costs and increase profits whilst reaching a larger potential audience its obvious communications will play an integral part. With advances in technology there are so many options and features to consider when upgrading or enhancing your communications systems its just not a matter of price.

Future staffing requirements, equipment life cycle and ability to easily upgrade to future technology are all critical factors in the decision process. Too often, evaluation is an afterthought for people who are caught up in this latest trend of communications.

As with any upgrade there can be associated costs with infra structure upgrades or refurbishments required to capitalize on this new technology purchase . CFCorp may also be able to fund associated costs for a communications upgrade based on the clients profile all in one flexible repayment which would include cabling, hardware, software and consultant and management costs.

CFCorp can offer a funding solution for all of the following  

  • IP Telephone systems

  • Routers & aggregators

  • Analogue systems

  • Wireless Mobiles

  • IP Handsets & connectors

  • Fibre Optics

  • Kiosk & Interactive Displays

  • Digital Signage

  • Wlan & Wan upgrades

  • Data cabling & infrastructure


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